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Aly Maintains a 3.9 GPA

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October 2020

SLAM All American Camp

Aly Wadkovsky Class 2022 ★★★★

Wadkovsky’s solid frame, and high basketball IQ make her a dominate force every time she’s on the floor. She finishes consistently with a soft touch around the rim and uses her length well to alter shots on the defensive end. Her strong body and great screen angles/positioning creates open shots not only for herself but for her teammates as well. Wadkovsky is capable of knocking down the outside shot and her work ethic leaves me no doubt that her production will continue to increase.

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PPG: 9.5

REB: 12.4

FT: 74.2%

FG%: 54.2

BLK: 3.2

AST: 0.4


September 2020

FBC Academy Carolinas, Marie Marquez, founder True2Hoops, Inc

Aly is a true to form center.  Her size, strength, agility, and motor gives her the ability to protect the basket from any level of attack. Not only does Aly dominate the boards, alter shots, and keep the law enforced in the paint defensively, she also makes great outlet passes to start the break.  On offense, she has a nice mid range jumper and a variety of finishing moves around the rim. Aly will be a D1 college pickup in the years ahead.

August 2020

BlueStar Media, USJN Nationals Honorable Mention

Aly Wadkovsky – 2022 – 6-2 – Post – FBC Carolina Elite 16 – Aly is one of the most powerful high motor kids we have seen. Very few attacking players can match her power and she is a great rim protector for her team.  She is the kind of kid that will can be the first one down the court each possession. Her power and energy make her a strong contributor.

July 2020

BluePrint Scouting, Sasha Palmer

Aly Wadkovsky is a powerful, aggressive, and scrappy post that is not afraid to get on the floor, or to match up and defend high major D1 post players. Although her form is not polished, she has what a coach cannot teach in her relentless, high output style of play.

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