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Yasmene Maintains

a 4.07 GPA

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PPG: 16.5

FG%: 62.8
FT%: 53.2

STL: 2.1
AST: 1.4

September 2020

FBC Academy Carolinas, Marie Marquez, founder True2Hoops, Inc

2023 6' 1" Yasmene Clark is a dominate D1 college bound player.  Not only does she have size, strength, and athleticism, she has great skills and IQ.  This incredibly coachable player is an immediate high impact player on any national showcase level team. She has an exceptional ability to get rebounds and get a 2nd chance bucket regardless of shot selection. On the defensive end, she instinctively stays in front of attacking slashers, and always seems to be in the right place to defend shots and box out for rebounds.

August 2020

BlueStar Media, USJN Nationals Honorable Mention

Clark was identified as an event MVP at the 2020 USJN National Championship. She competed with great power and intensity on both ends of the floor. She demonstrates exceptional calm and focus in tight games, and is the player that coaches want to have the ball to win the game at the end.  Yasmene has a lot of crafty moves that we don't generally see out of young players with her size. She is the kind of player that can play as a post or a guard.  Very high level college bound player.

July 2020

Elite Hoop Report, WarGames ATL

Yasmene Clark is a 6ft sophomore that has quickly elevated her game to compete on a national stage. She consistently uses her power to move thru traffic around the rim, boxes out and pulls rebounds as good a most true post players, but can also move with the ball much like a combo guard. Clark has a decent long range jumper, completing her skill set such that she can score at all three levels. Defensively, she has good anticipation and plays very solid fundamental defense.

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FBC Carolina Elite

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Christ Church Episcopal

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