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Maddy Maintains

a 4.357 GPA unweighted

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True2Hoops, September 2020

Madison Powell 2023 ★★★

Powell is a major impact player controlling the tempo of the game with her complete skill set. As a combo guard, she does a great job handling pressure and applying it, shifting roles understanding when to distribute and when to get into attack mode. She is embraces finishing through contact and shoots confidently knocking down the long ball and mid range jumpers. Defensively, she leads her team communicating and staying active and alert at all times. Powell’s skillset, character, and passion separate her from the pack.

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PPG: 11.1

FG: 39.4%

FT: 62.4%

REB: 3.0

STL: 1.0

AST: 5.9

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Blue Star Media, August 2020

Powell had a stand out performance contributing to her team's USJN National Championship finals run. She is a clutch shooter, and can also help out on the point.  Maddy has a talent for forcing defenders to go where she wants to move them as she is guarded, creating a lot of productive screen action.  Defensively she moves well and has a high IQ, to help off the ball as needed.

Elite Hoop Report, July 2020

Maddy Powell is an up and coming PG with fierce determination and poise under pressure.  Powell is emerging as a leader on the court as she handles ball pressure while maintaining visibility to the floor and directing traffic on the move.  Initially we saw Maddy as a 2 guard with exceptional shot form and great 3pt shooting.  But, in watching her in the PG role, her leadership, focus and mental toughness may be an even valuable asset for her team.  Defensively, Powell is very fundamental and stays in front of the ball, and understands help defense too.

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