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Oct 10, 2020 - Charlotte, NC 

Our first LIVE Showcase session had a variety of talent from across the Carolinas. Over 40 elite high school players took the floor (with a few sensational MS standouts in the mix) for our inaugural FBC ACADEMY SHOWCASE session in Charlotte, NC.  With over 130 viewers falling on YouTube LIVE, including dozens of college coaches from the region, multiple scouts and social media influencers on site, these young ladies put on quite a show for the crowd.

The format was set as a 1-hour dynamic warm-up workout, followed by a team draft process to balance all the squads.  With 6 players on each squad, 6 teams squared off in a 3 game bracket style contest, advancing the winners to compete in the championship game at the end of the session.

With no coaching, relying only on their skills and IQ, these young ladies had the platform to make a name for themselves in front of a great audience of spectators, online viewers, scouts, and college coaches. 


Greenville SC       Marie Marquez     864-323-4308

Anderson, SC       Neal Hatten           404-308-6063

Charlotte, NC      Rico Grier                980-253- 1271

Raleigh, NC          Andy Woodard     919 -244-8001







2022 6' 2" C ALY WADKOVSKY 




2024 6'3" C ELLA HOBBS

2024 5'6" CG AMIYAH WARE



Oct 10, 2020 - Charlotte, NC 

Aly Wadkovsky Class 2022 ★★★★

Wadkovsky’s solid frame, and high basketball IQ make her a dominate force every time she’s on the floor. She finishes consistently with a soft touch around the rim and uses her length well to alter shots on the defensive end. Her strong body and great screen angles/positioning creates open shots not only for herself but for her teammates as well. Wadkovsky is capable of knocking down the outside shot and her work ethic leaves me no doubt that her production will continue to increase.

Anastasia Sinclair Class 2023 ★★★

Sinclair came out the gate in attack mode with her exceptional speed, making her a threat in transition every time down the court. Her on ball pressure and defensive instincts attacking in the passing lanes make her a major factor on the defensive end and create extra possessions for her team. As Sinclair continues to develop her skill set she will elevate her game to the level.

Abby Huffmann 2024

Huffman is a young player with potential to grow into a solid role player. She plays with high energy and creates offense for her team by staying active on the boards. As she continues to mature and elevate her understanding on the game she will become more productive.


Skylar Adams 2024

Adams is a shifty, dynamic guard, a threat to knock it down from long range, get in the lane, and create for her teammates. Her balanced skill set is complimented by the ability to play effective and efficient basketball. This young stud has a bright future and someone to definitely keep your eye on as she continues to mature physically.


Niya Clamp 2021

Clamp is a strong, combo guard running through hand checks and hand help side, getting in the paint with ease early and often. She understands how to use her body to finish around longer defenders, completing multiple and ones. Her willingness to take the 3 point shot and create for her teammates keeps the defense off balance. As she continues working on her range and consistency she will become a dynamic and deadly offensive weapon.

Ravin Brooks 2023

Brooks plays with toughness and a good attitude every time she steps in the gym. Defensively, you will hear her communicating and applying pressure on the ball. On the other end of the floor she spaces the floor, looking to take and make three point shots. She is a capable shooter and solid ball handler. Brooks willingness to learn and improve will play a big role in growing her game.


Kiana Kennedy 2024

Kennedy is a quick guard, applying pressure on the ball early and often. She runs the floor hard looking to push the pace and create opportunities for teammates . Kennedy is capable of being a reliable starting guard as she continues to develop her skills

Tiir Nyok 2022 ★★

Nvok has good length at the wing position which is complimented by quickness, and a high basketball I.Q . She understands when to drive and is able to harness her speed and attack under control finishing through traffic. Her selfless approach makes her a joy to watch as she uses her vision and passing ability to get others involved. Nvok has the skills and build to be an elite play maker at the next level.


Kirsten Lewis-Williams 2023 ★★★★

Lewis-Williams’ rare speed and unmatched strength combined with a high I.Q make her a mismatch nightmare and an elite defender. She is without a doubt one of the most explosive guards in her class and her gifts don’t stop with her athletic ability. She leads her team effortlessly with her competitiveness and composure on the court. She has the tools to score at all three levels and an instinctive understanding of the game. The sky is the limit for Lewis-Williams.


Riley Corcoran 2022

Corcoran has a high motor and wing span that make her a volume rebounder and scorer at the guard position. Her rebounding skills allows her to begin the offense and put pressure on the defense with her ability to attack off the dribble. She uses her size effectively to finish through contact and is a reliable and consistent three point threat, shooting over smaller defenders. Corcoran is a wing player capable of impacting the game on multiple levels.


Madison Wiebolt 2022

Wiebolt is a long combo guard able to change roles from distributer to scorer at any moment. She shoots the ball with confidence able to knock it down off the catch and off the bounce. There is no hesitation when attacking the paint either. Her length allows her too finish over the defense and she is willing passer also. Wiebolt is working herself into a dynamic dual threat.


Kennette Bess 2023

Bess is an elite floor spacer and power two way player. She is constantly moving and seeking to shoot the long ball and she heats up in a hurry. And defensively she is just as active, using her strong body and quick feet to put pressure on the ball handler. Her court savvy and selfless play make her a joy to watch. Bess has the knowledge, build, and all around skill to be a big time player.


Kiki Gregory 2024

The smiley Gregory has speed that cannot be taught and a willingness to improve her game. She uses her defense to create her offense. As she learns how to harness her speed both mentally and physically, Gregory will be a more consistent offensive factor.


Kamya Hatten 2023

Hatten is a powerful wing with the ability to put it on the floor as well as shoot the long ball. Her size and strength allow her to defend multiple positions and on the opposite end she can be a match up problem. As she continues to grow her game and develop consistency is her shooting her offensive output will increase.


Madison Mims 2023 ★★

A true floor general, Mims leads her team vocally and physically, while playing with high energy and confidence each possession. Her quickness and change of pace makes her hard to guard and forces a double team, allowing her to create for her teammates. She is a dual threat with the ability to distribute and finish around the rim. Mims keeps defense honest and spaces the floor by knocking down open looks. She has all the tools to be a phenomenal point guard.


 Ryan Swilling 2022 ★★★

Swilling is a scoring guard who plays fast and fearless, making her hard to keep out of the paint. She is crafty at creating separation at the rim and has clean footwork and balance to create separation and know down a step back jumper. As she improves her ability to anticipate and read the defense she will improve her offensive efficiency .


Amiyah Ware 2024 ★★★

Ware is the full package, a dynamic play maker who leads her team with passion and plays the game with power. Her strong frame and speed make her impossible to keep out of paint, where she is highly effective. She breaks through contact and has the composure to finish through physicality or distribute to the open man. Her shooting ability is just as big a threat, keeping the defense on their toes at all times. Ware has all the tools and toughness in her skillset to be one of the most explosive guards in her class.


Shakiyah Nichols 2023

Nichols plays with toughness in her skill set, embracing contact while handling the ball. Her ability to see the floor and willingness to distribute made her a joy to watch. If she will keep adding to her tool box, Nichols is capable of having more offensive output


Valerie Veauthier 2023

Veathier is a deadly deep threat, knocking it down from NBA range and with a lightning fast release. She gets set quickly shooting off the catch, off the move, and off the dribble consistently. Her skills aren’t limited to the offensive end. Veauthier is just as aggressive defensively, applying pressure on the ball handler and getting good helpside positioning. Her unlimited range and competitive fire make a major impact player.


Ella Hobbs 2024 ★★★★

Hobbs is a special athlete with rare size and ability to move quickly and controlled within her solid frame. She has the skill set and footwork to score with her back to the basket and the face up game. At the high post she has the confidence and control to put the ball on the floor and get to the rack. She made her presence known on the defensive end, frequently changing and blocking shots both on the ball and in help. Hobbs is a big problem for opposing teams and a great asset for her own.


Nora Schroeder 2022

After only a couple minutes of watching Schroeder play, it is evident she knows how to play the game. She helps her team score with her selfless mindset and ability to see the floor. Her long frame and anticipation make her a solid rebounder from the wing position. All around, Schroeder is reliable and consistent.

Makayla Thompson 2024

Thompson is a powerful post with clean footwork and finishing moves, demanding a double team every possession. Her awareness and ability to find the open shooters makes her a dual threat. As Thompson continues to improve her conditioning and develop mid post skills her production will continue to rise.


Kera Brown 2025

The strong build and quick handles disguise the youth of Brown, one of the youngest to attend this weekend’s showcase. Her shifty handle and physical style of play allow her to get into the lane and she executes a beautiful soft touch floater over the help. She has areas for growth in her decision making but overall she is capable of growing into a dangerous combo guard.


Aaliyah El 2023

El is aggressive and active on both ends of the court. Her ability too finish through traffic make her a tough guard. If she continues to build her skills and understanding of the game her output will increase.


Madison Powell 2023 ★★★

Powell is a major impact player controlling the tempo of the game with her complete skill set. As a combo guard, she does a great job handling pressure and applying it, shifting roles understanding when to distribute and when to get into attack mode. She is embraces finishing through contact and shoots confidently knocking down the long ball and mid range jumpers. Defensively, she leads her team communicating and staying active and alert at all times. Powell’s skillset, character, and passion separate her from the pack.


Taylor Barner 2024 ★★★★

Barner is a flat-out scorer, transition, pick and rolls, and closeout situations. You name it. Her basketball I.Q combined with her complete skill set are a dangerous combination. She demands a defender arms length away at all times. If not, she will make them pay, knocking down the deep ball of the catch and even using James Harden like step backs to drain it off the dribble. Barner is a must watch player every time she steps on the court. 


Abigail Stone 2024

Stone is a lean, long wing that runs the floor and plays with a high motor, in constant pursuit of the ball on the boards. Her ability to shoot over smaller defenders and put it in the floor makes her a hard guard. As Stone continues to develop her separation moves and physical build she will become a force to be reckoned with.


Em Kendrick 2024

Kendrick is a young guard but committed to developing her skills. As she improves endurance her and builds her experience she will become a solid guard.


Kennedi Wagner 2023

Wagner, an extremely aggressive defender, enjoys taking on a defensive assignment. She plays fearless and fast, attacking often in transition. When she learns to harness her speed she is going to be a solid two-way player. 


Lily Booker 2024

Booker is a fun to watch. Her explosive first step allows her to blow by defenders and get to the line frequently. She is willing to take the 3 ball but needs to build consistency in her follow through. If she develops her weak hand and consistent shot mechanics she is going to be a major impact player.


Kayla Wilkins 2024 ★★★

Wilkins is a quick, strong guard capable of getting in the paint and looking to distribute when the help side commits. Defensively, she gets low and wide, seeming to enjoying nagging her opponent. As a teammate, Wilkins demonstrates positive energy and leadership skills by constantly communicating and encouraging others.

Caroline King 2024

King plays team first basketball, looking to get the ball to the ball to the hot hand or create a shot for a teammate. Defensively, she does a good job making the ball handler uncomfortable. As she continues to develop her ball handling skills and shooting consistency, her offensive output will increase.


Kennedy Ryan-Jackson 2022

Ryan-Jackson makes her presence known with her aggressive and physical defense, by applying full court ball pressure. She looks to turn defense into offense, and doesn’t back down, embracing contact when finishing. A capable three point shooter and primary on ball defender, Ryan- Jackson has the tools to be a reliable scoring guard.


Janaya Schuler 2023 ★★★

Schuler is a long wing, with a high motor resulting in high offensive production. Opponents struggle to keep her out of the paint and off the glass as she works tirelessly for position. She demonstrates balance in her game by consistently knocking down midrange shot. If Schuler extends her range and develops a solid handle, she will be a mismatch nightmare.


Madeline Duwe 2022

Duwe has a strong build and explosive first step that compliment her three point shooting abilities . She is capable on getting hot in a hurry and knocking down the long ball off the catch, move, and bounce. Her physical style of play allows her to get in the paint and on the defensive end of the floor she can guard and rebound with bigger opponents. As she improves her decision making and learns clean versus unclean shot reads she will be a much more consistent and productive player.

Jocelyne Grier 2025 ★★★

Grier has a scoring mentality, looking to attack early and often. She gets in the lane with a good change of pace and uses a variety of finishes; floating the ball over shot blockers, spinning around defenders, and scooping the ball with a soft touch. When defenses collapse she is willing to distribute the ball and make the reads. Grier can fill up the stat sheet quickly with her play making abilities draw a lot of attention.

Camri Hobbs 2025

Hobbs is a special athlete great size and mobility at the wing position makings her a versatile defender. She moves well in her strong frame staying in front of smaller, quicker guards. Fundamentally sounds, she has solid shooting mechanics that allow her to knock down open midrange shots. When she builds consistency in these skills and adds more scoring options to her toolbox she will become a major factor on the offensive end. 

Zaley Kennedy 2022

Kennedy is a fundamentally sounds guard that can handle the ball under pressure and attack in either direction. When attacking, she understands how to get others involved. If she continues to attack her personal areas of growth she has the be a solid guard.

Anna Newman 2023

The fearless Newman stayed active seeking for the open shot, a body to boxout, or a screen to set. There is no shortage in effort from her and her work ethic leave me confident she will continue to develop the skills to improve effectiveness.

Adrianna Chaney 2023

You can’t help but notice the great length of Chaney as she sprints down the court. Her size and ability to move laterally are all natural. She is building on those talents by working on her touch around the rim and footwork. Chaney’s development over the past 30 days is impressive and exciting. She is capable of being a reliable role player and possibly, a dominant  front court presence in the near future.

Zoe Adams 2023 ★★

The versatility of Adams increases her value as she proves she can be effective from all 5 positions on the floor. She runs the floor with lightening fast guards and bangs in the front court with the bigs. Her ability to score at all three levels combined with her elite basketball I.Q, makes Adams is one of the top players in her class. She is a special basketball talent and a great leader.

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