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Maintains a 4.0 GPA

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PPG: 13.2

FG%: 39.4
FT%: 65.0

REB: 7.3

AST: 2.5

BLK: 1.4

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September 2020, Insider Exposure

Timya is long, young, and clearly the kind of player that colleges are looking for.  At a true 6'6", she dominates everything in the paint.  Not only does her length help to control things inside, she also has good footwork to turn offensive rebounds into points.  On the defensive side, Grice has a strong upper body that allows her to hold her ground as well as get that long outlet moving downcourt to start the break.  Timya is a solid P5 prospect as a HS freshman.

November 2020, True to Hoops Basketball

Grice, at 6'6" has THE intangible that is in short supply in ladies hoops. Timya is learning multiple techniques to score near the rim, and is also has the ability to get up and down the floor when needed.  For a young player her size, Timya has solid footwork and seems to maintain good body control with contact.  She is going to be a solid D1 college recruit.

January 2021, FBC Basketball Academy

PF 6'6" Timya Grice is a great contributor on both offense and defense in the paint.  She has already mastered where to be to get the right angle for entry passes, and knows how to face up and make the right decision from there. She also showed that she has a decent shot in the mid range when traffic is heavy to the hoop.  Defensively, her length is a force in itself.  She probably changes over 20 shots per game in addition to the shots she got a piece of.  Timya is a real enforcer in the paint.

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