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Maintains a 4.0 GPA

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PPG: 14.3
FG%: 63.2

FT%: 73.3

REB: 2.5

AST: 5.3

STL: 3.2

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March 2021, Prep Girls Hoops

(3/13/21 Prep Girls Hoops) Anastasia Sinclair (South Mecklenburg, 2023) finished the season with All Conference honors.  As a sophomore, she was the floor general for her high school team leading the plays and controlling the ball most of the time.  She directed her teammates when it came to running plays, and she made sure she contributed points as well.  She can score behind the arc, make some nice mid range jump shots, or drive all the way to the basket.  She finds her open teammates for them to score, and it seems pretty ordinary for her to have as many steals as she does assists, making her a threat on both ends of the court.

October 2020, Prep Girls Hoops

Anastasia Sinclair (South Mecklenburg, G, 2023) is averaging over 11 points as well. Over 3 games, she has 14 steals.  She drives through contact and makes sure she has her way to the basket. She is aggressive on defense, too, which is how she grabs steals and immediately pushes them up the court.  She handles the ball well for her team, and she is available on fast breaks even when she isn’t the one pushing the ball.  She is fast with the ball blowing by her opponents who are trying to slow her down on offense.  She does a great job drawing the defense to her in order to pass to her teammates.

January 2021, FBC Basketball Academy

Anastasia Sinclair (Class of 2023) came out the gate in attack mode with her exceptional speed, making her a threat in transition every time down the court. Her on ball pressure and defensive instincts attacking in the passing lanes make her a major factor on the defensive end and create extra possessions for her team. As Sinclair continues to develop her skill set she will elevate her game to the level.

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Travel Team

FBC Carolina Elite

Coach Darrell Swilling



South Meck HS

HS Coach  Cristie Mitchell


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